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All Inclusive Dental Implants - Digital Treatment Planning using CEREC Omnicam and the Gallileos Cone Beam CT Scan

Our digital treatment planning services for dental implants allow you to view the oral anatomy in a dynamic, three-dimensional structure right in our office during your consultation. Because of the precision of dental implant guided surgery, we are able to work with you to create an exact, detailed plan for your dental implant procedures. We can determine the best spot to place the dental implant, identify the optimal path of insertion to best meet restorative needs, and identify critical structures that must be avoided. The system provides a constant flow of information during the planning process, allowing us, together, to make the best decisions for each patient’s unique circumstances. This ensures the finest possible results and the least invasive surgical procedure.

An entirely new level of safety and precision in dental implant treatment

Computer-guided implant surgery with CEREC Omnicam in combination with Sirona’s Gallileos Cone Beam CT scan (CBCT) are great advances in dental implant treatment planning. It is an interactive 3D computer imaging system that guides us in planning every aspect of your implant surgery. This allows the least traumatic, least invasive implant surgery possible.

With computer guided implant surgery, We can actually do a virtual surgery before ever touching the patient’s mouth. The information gathered is extremely accurate, allowing us to visualize the precise placement of simulated implants, as it gives us knowledge of the anatomy of the jaw in all three dimensions. It helps us locate important internal structures and also allows the measurement bone quality and quantity directly from these images. All this can be done based upon the ideal shape and position of the porcelain replacement of the missing tooth/teeth.

With the use of SiCat guided surgery guides, a prosthesis can be made prior to your visit, which can be inserted at the same time that the implant(s) are placed. A typical sequencing for dental implant surgery goes as follows.

  • Office Visit 1

    Visual examination of the mouth precedes the CBCT scan. Intraoral images using the CEREC Omnicam are made to create a 3D virtual model of the patient’s teeth and gums. These are sometimes supplemented with physical impressions to create a stone replica of the teeth. This digital information is immediately loaded into the cutting edge Gallileos Implant planning software to create the ideal treatment plan for your guided implant surgery. Upon your approval your surgical guide is immediately ordered.

    ***This sequencing is unique to offices like ours which incorporate both CEREC and Gallileos in their implant planning. In a traditional sequence the general dentist needs 1 or2 appointments PLUS and appointment with an oral surgeon PLUS an appointment with a radiologist to create the plan and the surgical guide. We create the ease and convenience of this treatment in one appointment all in our own office!!
    ***CEREC Guide the Ultimate in patient convenience!!!! In certain cases the surgical guide can be made immediately right in our office. This allows us to perform your implant surgery on the same day as your initial consultation. Please be sure to ask one of our team members for more information on this exciting procedure!!

  • Office Visit 2: Implant surgical day

    Your appointment is often less than an hour long and is incision-free. If possible and desired an immediate tooth/teeth may be placed onto the implant(s) at the time of surgery. The implant(s) will be secured to the permanent teeth in approximately 6-12 weeks. This procedure requires only local anesthesia to numb the jaw.
  • After your Computer-Guided Implant Procedure

    Your implants act like natural teeth not only helping to prevent further jaw bone loss, but allowing your bone to become stronger and more dense. The computer guided dental implant surgery is extremely accurate, safe, and allows for virtually painless dental implant treatment, allowing you to walk out with beautiful teeth in many cases on the same day.